British IELTS Premium

British IELTS Premium – Where Coaching Excellence Meets Best-In-Class Infrastructure

Get enrolled in one of the finest IELTS institutions in the town. We are not only second to none in the list of premier result-oriented IELTS coaching centres in India, but also have the infrastructure that can force the best out of any individual. Here at British IELTS, we present students, who are preparing to do something big in their lives (which many dream for) a golden opportunity to take our premium membership.

What we offer under this elite IELTS training program:

#1. 6 Hours a Day – The Key To Success

 Like, one apple a day keeps the doctor away, 6 hours a day at British IELTS will reinforce the odds of achieving high-bands in your IELTS.

#2. Small Batches and Personal Attention- the Mantra for IELTS Triumphant

Small batches and personal attention, unlike other IELTS training centres, is not a marketing slang for us. You being our premium member will have to study along with not more than 5 students. And, our teaching staff adhere to institute’s objective of personal attention.

#3. 24*7 in Your Services- Ask Your Doubts

Though, we are not a customer support company, with British IELTS premium membership you clear even the minutest doubt, giving you mental unrest- any time of the day.

#4. Midday Meal and Coffee- Stay Healthy with British IELTS

Do you know a healthy meal break improves one’s focus and concentration? A British IELTS premium student doesn’t have to run here and there during the lunch time to have unhealthy stuff from food hawkers in the vicinity of the institute. In fact, a stomach infection is an undesirable event that may derail your IELTS preparation. We offer a healthy lunch to every student within our premises. What’s more, coffee refreshment to rejuvenate your mind at regular interval of time is also offered!

#5. We Will Provide the Stationary-Uninterrupted Learning

We take the trouble to render your stationery demands, so you don’t have to lose time on acquiring this stuff on your way or while returning home from the institute.

#6. Assured Results

We, the British IELTS proudly promise high bands in your IELTS endeavor because we host a panel of highly experienced teachers, and an unmatched infrastructure to go along with regular study material. If not, we hold liability to provide you one-month free coaching.


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