SCO: 54 & 55, 1st & 2nd Floor,Sector 34-A, Chd.


SCO: 54 & 55, 1st & 2nd Floor,
Sector 34-A, (Near Mukat Hospital)

8197881978, 8054363621
Authorized by
IDP/British Council

Why to choose us

The utmost crucial and foremost part is to select right institute which gives you scope and exposure  to make your plans real and rise. Check out the reason that why should you join our British IELTS Institution:

⦁    Substantial Knowledge: We cover a very precise but major part of the syllabus band. We spend much of our time ONLY on the relevant course.
⦁    Expertise Instructor: We cater our service in the way that is globally accepted standards of teaching. Here, we let our trainers go from sessions of Challenging Teaching before they actually commence the classroom teaching, which allow the candidates to understand steps that can reach the needs of students.
⦁    Updated Educational Program: The educational program is always updated and based on the latest pattern of exam. The latest pattern of questions are discussed and traced in the exam.
⦁    Faculty Help: Whenever our students feel like sticking in a particular question they can certainly take personal help from the faculty members on individual basis. This is to aid students so that they do not have to wait for solving your queries till next class.
⦁    Practical Study Material: We serve our students with practical study material to let them practice as many times as they want. We polish and give them the final shine on their British English before the actual IELTS teaching starts.
⦁    Available Resource Centre: Here you will get the most comprehensive onsite-library. Thus you can get all the required resources and related books on the subject. Many of our books are unavailable elsewhere in India which are exclusively sourced by training firms in abroad.
⦁    Suitable Timings: Classes are conducted twice a day for some batches.It depends upon the students whichever time is suitable to them, they can attend any of the two sessions .
⦁    Recording Sessions: We cater a self assessment to our trainees which will make them improvise their skills faster with the passage of times. we also record student’s speaking sessions for better feedback and assessment.
⦁    The R&D Team: We stand out from other institution as our British IELTS institution is the only institution which has R&D team who works and research for improvising the teaching methods and techniques.
⦁    Booking the test: Our expertise team will help the candidates in booking the examination date and its centre either through- IDP or BRITISH COUNCIL.
⦁    Expertise: The British IELTS training process we dedicate time to design the IELTS training program which are better collaborating with the institute’s efforts and energy.
⦁    Personalize To Each Individual: We try our level best to understand and mould the course, On the individual basis, and according to the needs of the student. We keep a tabs with each and every student by tracking their progress and therefore whenever we feel the requirement we make changes into the teaching process.
⦁    Patient Listening: We give a patient listen to the problems of each of our students and take an instant action to resolve them. Time to time we take the candidate’s feedback and also their relevant suggestions.
⦁    Trained Team: You will be equipped with a professional and qualified team who gives specialized training on relevant topics related to IELTS.

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