SCO: 54 & 55, 1st & 2nd Floor,Sector 34-A, Chd.


SCO: 54 & 55, 1st & 2nd Floor,
Sector 34-A, (Near Mukat Hospital)

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Want to study in US? Clear SAT exam and get admission in the top university of the US.

SAT(Scholastic Aptitude Test) is designed for the students who wish to pursue their graduation from the universities of US and other western countries. It is developed by College Board and administered by Educational Testing Service. This test is basically conducted to assess the skills of the students that they gained during their schools and will utilize in college.

NEW SAT from March 2016

SAT is going to change from old SAT to new SAT. New SAT is different from the old SAT in terms of exam format, structure, scores, dates etc. From March 2016, old SAT will be ceased and New SAT exam will be functional. So the students have to prepare for the SAT according to its latest format only.

Old SAT Vs New SAT

1.Can be taken till January 2016 and before1.Can be taken from and after March 2016
2.Total score : 24002.Total score :1600
3.Negative Marking penalty3.No Negative Marking
4.Duration: 3 hours 45 minutes4.Duration:3 hours 50 minutes
5. Carries 3 Sections: Reading, Writing (with Mandatory Essay) and Math5. Carries 2 Sections: Reading and Writing (together), Math and Optional Essay

New SAT Structure

SectionsTimeNo. Of Questions
Reading & Writing65 minutes for reading52
35 minutes for writing44
Maths80 minutes58 questions
Optional essay50 minutes
Total3 hours 50 minutes

SAT Coaching in Chandigarh 

British IELTS SAT preparatory program is in the state of the art. We have been doing research on the previous SAT results and noticing the weak points and the parts where the most students lack. After this analysis, we come up with the best possible study techniques so the students would never face those problems again. We offer amazing approach for teaching with exclusive tips and tricks to crack the SAT exam. You will not only prepared to perform the best in the exam but also to successfully pass the exam with high scores. We possess experienced staff who acquire relevant experience in teaching students of this field.

We assure you that after getting trained under the supervision and guidance of expert faculty of British IELTS best SAT Coaching in Chandigarh , you will gain the skills and confidence to compete in the exam with full potential. So join us today and accomplish your dream of studying in US universities. For further information, contact Mr. Udit Chopra at 8054363621.

We will positively contact you as soon as possible.

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