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Guidelines: IELTS Listening Exam!

Do NOT get nervous during the exam or anxious about the left out questions. All you need to do is to focus and concentrate on the questions of the test. Once you lose your concentrate you will miss your flight. So just focus and don’t ever get confused!
Time Management is a MUST! You have to adjust and organise your test in the allotted time period. Therefore you need to spend the given time period sensibly on the different set of questions. Utilise the given 30 seconds for going through the questions of every section carefully so that you get an idea of that particular question.
Do not get stuck to a particular question.Say if you do not know the answer of Question No. 7 just move on to the next or further questions. Try to answer all the questions in series.
Focus much on practising regularly by listening to the accents that are used in British English and that of the American and Australian. Therefore practise the accent of different nationalities. You can do this by watching documentaries, news channels, movies, etc, and sharpen your skill more and more.
You must not write more than the given instructions.NO MARKS will be given to you if you voilets the instructions.
Take a due care of your spellings. Spelling mistake will obtain you negative markings.
Guidelines: IELTS Reading Exam!      
Practise Makes The Man Perfect! Therefore, practise as many times as possible so that you may know what you need to do and how you need to do it correctly and perfectly.Scrutinize your answers once you complete doing the tests and which will make it easier for you to know which types of question is easier for you and which one is tough!
Take the aid of guidebooks or check with your professor/teacher/tutor to jot down the strategies in order to turn it more easier from being a tough tasks that may be asked in the test.

IELTS Reading
You have to be a ‘reading person’, which means you need to have a comprehensive reading skills to crack the IELTS tests. Hence, you should be proficient enough to do the following things:
Accept the big points while not missing the minor ones
Acquire facts and jot down your opinions and viewpoints from it
Understand the meaning of the entire passage
Check out the real context in a written text
Mention the specific details and authentic data
Revise all the striking points
Give the graphical representation for your written information
Answer with literal meaning
Mind the spellings, Grammar and vocabulary

The Main Aspects For Achieving The Most Exact Skill Of Reading:
Reading each detail

There are many strategies and each one of them are used for different purposes. Scanning and Skimming are the 2 main and important strategies which involves a smooth reading. Skimming denotes to read seamlessly to know the exact point of a content and getting a definite piece and idea of its knowledge. Reading each and every word in a specific and given order to check out its real meaning and aim.
In IELTS Reading skills, you are expected to utilize all the aforementioned the given 3 approaches at different stages of text. Just scan the question carefully and know what kind of answer is required. Justify your answer correctly according to the instruction.
Guidelines: IELTS Writing Exam!

Without carefully scanning and analysing, DO NOT start the given task. Instead of starting hastily spend some time on planning and in making notes.
Be specific and justify your points of view with apt instances.
DO NOT copy the entire sentence extracting from the question. You must mind the required word limitation of your answer.
DO NOT be repetitive with your ideas and viewpoints. This may reward you negative markings.
Write relevant points only.
Always maintain the space of 3-4 minutes for the purpose of re-reading and double checking your answer.
Avoid using the technical words or jargons, use only formal language.
Mind the time limitations. Thus, try to manage your allotted time by using approximately 20 minutes on Task 1 and approximately 40 minutes on Task 2.
Follow the instructions carefully, else it would charge you penalty.Therefore you must have to write at least 150 words for Task 1 and at least 250 words for Task 2.
Writing more than the word limits will not be penalized.
Guidelines: IELTS Speaking Exam!

You have to show up your British English speaking power with a smooth flow and fluency.
Fluency in the language will bag you more score.
While explaining your points never hesitate or be nervous. If you aren’t sure about the question/instruction just ask the examiner to explain it once again.
DO NOT rehearse the answer and come as you will be penalized for the same.
Keep doing practice and record yourself.
DO NOT let your past performance in Part 1 affect the forthcoming sections of the test.
Stay calm prior to and during the exam, as you may have to pay for your nervousness.

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