SCO: 54 & 55, 1st & 2nd Floor,Sector 34-A, Chd.


SCO: 54 & 55, 1st & 2nd Floor,
Sector 34-A, (Near Mukat Hospital)

8197881978, 8054363621
Authorized by
IDP/British Council

IELTS Listening Exam!


  • Do NOT get nervous during the IELTS Listening Exam or anxious about the left out questions. All you need to do is to focus and concentrate on the questions of the test. Once you lose your concentrate you will miss your flight. So just focus and don’t ever get confused!
  • Time Management is a MUST! You have to adjust and organise your test in the allotted time period. Therefore you need to spend the given time period sensibly on the different set of questions. Utilise the given 30 seconds for going through the questions of every section carefully so that you get an idea of that particular question.
  • Do not get stuck to a particular question.Say if you do not know the answer of Question No. 7 just move on to the next or further questions. Try to answer all the questions in series.
  • Focus much on practising regularly by listening to the accents that are used in British English and that of the American and Australian. Therefore practise the accent of different nationalities. You can do this by watching documentaries, news channels, movies, etc, and sharpen your skill more and more.
  • You must not write more than the given instructions.NO MARKS will be given to you if you voilets the instructions.
  • Take a due care of your spellings. Spelling mistake will obtain you negative markings.

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